Protect America

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Protect America Security

Protect America At-A-Glance:

  • In the Industry Since 1992
  • Uses GE Security Technology
  • Monthly Rates Ranging From $29.99 to $42.99
  • America’s Fasting Growing Home Security Company
  • Free Lifetime Warranty on Equipment

Phone Number: 888-214-0478

Website: Visit Protect America

About Protect America:

Protect America comes from humble beginnings.  Once a local home security company in Round Rock, Texas, they now service over 370,000 families and businesses nationwide.  Unlike many competitors, Protect America is family-owned.  So, even though the company is a lot bigger than it once was, it still holds onto its humble roots.  They offer affordably priced plans to fit any budget.  Their lower prices don’t mean lower quality though.  Their equipment is produced by GE Security and you still receive 24-hour monitoring like you would with the larger home security companies.

Core Features:

Protect America offers their customers options as to how their system connects and communicates with its components and with the monitoring center.  Let’s take a look at these monitoring options:

Cellular Monitoring – This option is ideal for families without landline telephones and/or an internet connection.  It incorporates the same technology found in cell phones to send information to the monitoring center.

Broadband Monitoring – This option uses your internet service to send alerts to Protect America’s monitoring center.  It also opens up a lot more ways to interact with your system including: smartphone access, video review and much more.

Two-Way Monitoring – This option is a more personal solution.  The two-way links you to Protect America’s trained staff and allows you to speak with them directly whenever a sensor is tripped.

Land Line – This option utilizes your standard land-based telephone.  These type of systems have been the industry standard for a very long time.

Optional Features/Tech:

GPS Vehicle Tracking

This device allows you to extend your family’s security beyond the home.  If your car is stolen you can easily locate via your computer.  With real-time GPS information at your fingertips you’ll be able to tell the police exactly where to look for your vehicle.  Got a teenage child with a recently-acquired driver’s license?  Well, this device will allow you to know if he really is at Billy’s studying.  It can even let you know if they were speeding.

Cellular Conversion

What is you already have a security system but no monitoring provider?  Protect America can provide monitoring services for most systems.  They do this by using a device that converts the system in your home into a cellular-based one.  If you bought a home with an existing system this option will help you cut cost because you won’t have to buy any new equipment.


There are five price packages that Protect America offers.  As far as equipment is concerned, the higher the package, the more Door and Window Sensors you receive.

  • $19.99 a month gets you 3 sensors.
  • $35.99 a month gets you 7 sensors.
  • $37.99 a month gets you 10 sensors.
  • $39.99 a month gets you 12 sensors.
  • $42.99 a month gets you 15 sensors.

Protect America offers a free lifetime warranty on all equipment

Final Thoughts About Protect America:

Protect America offers a small town approach to customer service and monitoring without sacrificing your safety.  You get the things you expect from a security company like quality equipment, around the clock monitoring and remote access but at an affordable price.  Times are tough right now so Protect America is a good choice for families that want to protect themselves without breaking their bank accounts.

Visit Protect America to Choose Your Package Today!

Protect America, 3.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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